Dynamic light for jewelers is by far the system that best suits each type of item on display. RECESSED PILLAR DYNAMIC allows to obtain all the color degrees of white from 2700 ° K (very warm light) to 5700 ° K (cold light). Dynamic light for jewelers allows the objects on display to be exalted to the maximum. The selection of the light color gradation and intensity can be done with Smartphone and Tablet by downloading a simple APP, where it will be possible to manage each case individually and memorize various scenarios to be activated based on the items on display. It is also possible to control the lights by wireless remote control. The attention to detail and the matte black finish make it a luminous design object. The life of the LEDs also for this article is more than 50,000 hours. The total absence of UV and IR emissions from the LEDs allows the colors of the items on display to remain unchanged, unlike traditional halogen lighting which fades and ruins the materials over time.