Casambi Converter

This model of Casambi Driver Step Up allows to convert the 24Vdc (constant voltage) into CC (constant current) making it easier to use CC lamps with simple 24Vdc power supplies. In addition to integrating Casambi for the control of light through tablet and smartphone, it allows to regulate the output current from 200mA to 1050mA on 2 independent channels.

This control unit can manage 3 different types of lighting:

  • 1 zone
  • 2 zones
  • Tunable White light

If desired, it is also possible to connect push buttons to extend the control system even to a simple wall-mounted push-buttons. As with all our products with Casambi integrated, it is possible to create scenarios, timing the ignitions, control the lamps directly from the photos of the rooms and much more.

Look the demonstration video and find how it works CASAMBI, CLICK HERE