Casambi Dimmer 4CH

Casambi allows you to control with tablet or smartphone all the lights connected to it. This is a 4-channel control unit with Casambi dimmer integrated that allows you to control led lamps with the following features:

  • 1 zone – light flow regulation
  • 2 zones – light flow regulation divided into 2 zones such as direct light and indirect light
  • 3 zones – light flow regulation divided into 3 zones
  • 4 zones – light flow regulation divided into 4 zones for example, it in one room there are 4 light sources, connecting them to this Casambi dimmer 4ch, you can manage them independently
  • Tunable white – Setting of the dynamic white light that can regulate not only the intensity of light but also the color degree, passing from warm light to cold light. Using a Tunable White lamp with Casambi it is possible to set the circadian cycle which automatically changes the color of the light to simulate the solar one according to the time. In the morning we will have a warmer light that will cool in the central hours of the day, returning warm in the late afternoon
  • RGB – for the management of RED, GREEN and BLUE color
  • RGBW – For the control of white light mixed with the RGB colored.

For all the light types connected to this control unit, it is possible to create scenarios, timing the ignitions, load the floor plan of the rooms and control the lights directly from the image.

This control unit with 4 Channels has got small dimensions and it has been designed for insertion into the lamps. Watch the demonstration video and discover some of CASAMBI’s features, CLICK HERE