Vairus Air purifier Winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards

21/11/2020 - VAIRUS Winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards!

Archiproducts Design Awards: We’re truly glad to announce that VAIRUS – nominated in the Construction category by Essenzialed – has conquered the jury for its concept and design. So let’s have a round of applause as we’re “virtually” awarding your product as Winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards! THE 2020 ADA JURORS: Fernando Alda, Michael Anastassiades, Davide Angeli, Anniversary, […]

30/06/2020 - VAIRUS Air Purifier   Vairus air purifier is a new air purification system designed specifically to be installed as a lamp. Normally the air purifiers are positioned on the ground and have considerable dimensions. The Vairus Concept Design was born more than a year ago and the primary objectives were miniaturization and the possibility of being able […]

23/02/2019 - Maximum visual comfort

EDO, new store in Corsica in Ajaccio. For this project we have aimed for maximum visual comfort using POWER IN XL with WALLY, ideal for lighting for shops. First of all warm light 3000K high color rendering. Direct light gives a soft effect of 1135lm / mt. The indirect light creates a welcoming and well-lit […]

Nuove lampade Led certificate UL LISTED per il mercato Americano e Canadese

14/11/2018 - New LED lamps UL LISTED certified for the American and Canadian markets

The range of our lamps Listed UL certified Lamps for the American and Canadian market is extended. The cULus Listed certification certifies that the lamps are safe under the mechanical and electrical point of view and that, for whatever reason, they can never create fire causing, in fact, each lamp according to the type of […]


06/11/2018 - CASAMBI Dimmer Led, the family widens

The need to manage lamps with Smartphones and Tablets is growing more and more and the CASAMBI system is the answer that allows you to easily manage the single lamp or groups over 200 lamps with a simple click. For this reason we have expanded the CASAMBI Dimmer  Led family of dimmers that will allow […]


27/10/2018 - Jewelers lighting

The new store ROMA 1947 opens in Florence. The priority for this project was the valorization of the jewel in all its shades and colors. For this jewelry we started from the lighting design of this new concept to the customized lamps production with specific finishes. All the lights of this project are high color […]

05/12/2017 - New store ROSSIGNOL in Paris

On November 21st, the new Rossignol store opens in Paris. In this project we used BIG with a custom-made composition between wall and ceiling and this last measure 10.70 linear meters of development. The lighting for shops to apparel for us means HIGH YIELD CROMATICS, in fact in this project we used BIG anodized NERA, 3000K […]

Technical lighting shops

27/07/2017 - The first specialized store for Basketball opens in Bergamo – Technical lighting shops

Finally the first specialized store for Basketball opens in Bergamo, B-LAB is in via Lenzi 8 in Bergamo (BG). You know, shoes and clothing are often very gaudy and to enhance the colors, fabrics and workmanship of the products on display, in this project we used a technical lighting shops for high color rendering shops […]

29/03/2017 - High performance chromatic lighting for hairdressers

Led design and technology are perfect for this beautiful ContestaRockHair® salon in the centre of Florence. Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0 High Performance CRI 90 Typ. 95. High-performance chromatic lighting for hairdressers makes it possible to exactly perceive the actual colours, avoiding that the lights distorts the colours. ContestaRockHair® is a space without geographic borders, […]

21/11/2016 - Thank you for visiting

Thanks for making our participation at the Salone del Mobile in Bergamo a success, and especially for the interest shown to our company and our products. These successes are driving our passion and motivation to continue developing new solutions and applications for our lamps.

08/11/2016 - Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2016

We will be attending the Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2016 from November 12th. We look forward to seeing you on the following days DATE: from November 12th to 14th 2016 from November 18th to 20th 2016 HOURS: Weekdays – from 6 pm to 10 pm Saturday – from 10:30 am to 10 pm Sunday – […]


16/09/2016 - Wally – The new recessed LED lamp line

Wally is the new family of recessed LED lamps. Three versions are available, recessed, trimless and adjustable. The innovative and minimalist design is suitable for anyone looking for a new and completely modern style. The colour of the internal plate can be customised for the entire Wally line. Visit the recessed Lamps section Click here.


30/07/2016 - High chromatic yield lighting for shops

High chromatic yield lighting for shops is essential to enhance and accurately reflect the colour of items on display. Now you can choose almost all the white light colour grades from 2700K to 4000K while maintaining a high chromatic yield CRI> 90 Typ. 95. Some of our lamps are UL certified for the American and […]


30/07/2016 - Dynamic Lighting for Jewellers

Light is the most important thing for jewellery lighting but what light to choose? Dynamic lighting for jewellers is the solution. Thanks to this new range of products you can get all the colour of white light, from 2700K (warm light) at 5700K (cold light). Thanks to a control system with Tablet, smartphone, or remote […]


14/06/2016 - Lighting for jewellers

Lighting for jewellery, in particular display cases, is very important because it greatly affects the appearance of the product. We have designed a specific line of products ranging from GLITTER-effect lamps that enhance the shine of diamonds, to rod elements that can be positioned anywhere in the case.  In addition to the type of lamp […]


15/04/2016 - Casambi wireless Light control

CASAMBI is more than just a controller because it does not have the sole purpose of turning on and adjusting the intensity of a light but, with a simple smartphone, you can create the right atmosphere at the right time. Romantic dinner or friends? Watching a film or chromotherapy? With this system you can create […]

25/01/2016 - FLUO and MINIFLUO LED floor lamps

The rule is always followed! Design, essential line and, of course, a heart of LED Fluo and Minifluo are the new Essenzialed Led floor lamps, which become a pure design component for environments. Thanks to their features, they almost fully light up environments with diffused light. For colour lovers, this LED floor lamp line is […]

25/01/2016 - Download the new Essenzialed product catalogue

And here’s the new Essenzialed product catalogue with the latest news. Go to the Download page.        

13/11/2015 - Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2015

We look forward to seeing your at the Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2015 Pad. A Stand 108/110 on the following days Saturday, November 14 from 10:30 am to 10 pm Sunday November 15 from 10:30 am to 8 pm Monday November 16 from 6 pm to 10 pm Friday November 20 from 6 pm to […]

19/10/2015 - Store of excellence

Save the date. From Wednesday 21 October to Sunday 1 November we will be at the temporary IMV shop – Italian Maker Village. This is an initiative in collaboration with the Confartigianato Off Expo, where companies that represent the excellence of Italian know-how will exhibit their latest collection features in a group area. The only […]


07/09/2015 - Hair salon LED lighting

Hair salon LED lighting. Hair salon lighting requires the evaluation of many variants. Often, glare or shadows may be created on the customer’s face to brightly light the cutting area. If normal bulbs are used, this may provide a low colour yield making it difficult to identify colours, true colours! Essenzialed, thanks to its experience in […]

Strisce Led

21/07/2015 - Led Strips

Essenzialed designs and manufactures Led boards on rigid support made in Italy and flexible led strips at the production line in RPC. Our products are made with very specific characteristics for the various sectors. Retail, clothing stores, hair salons or where it is important that the colour is faultless using high colour yield LED to […]

Tagli di luce a parete

09/07/2015 - Wall light beams

The tendency to light environments with wall light beams to create new light effects is growing. Essenzialed produces everything to suit any kind of setting, giving you the ability to customise the colour grade of light, power, colour rendering, size, and finally the colour of the lamps. Wall light beams can be used to create […]

07/07/2015 - Green Expo Point Orio center

The Green EXPO Point was recently inaugurated at Orio Center, a project coordinated by the Arch. Mandarini and by Marchingenio Workshop. It is a project that is not only a place for design experimentation with regard to the potential of the most virtuous companies in the Bergamo area, but also for the promotion and education […]

08/06/2015 - Green Smart House EXPO 2015

Essenzialed at Milan Expo 2015: it provided an important contribution to the realisation of the Green Smart House Expo 2015. This is an innovative prototype of sustainable architecture and is the result of Bergamo’s experience in design, plant engineering, innovative construction and energy efficiency. The two concepts at the base of Green Smart House Expo […]

Righello wall led lighting

22/04/2015 - Essenzialed Righello – The Essential Design

Essenzialed Righello is the latest creation that reflects our philosophy 100%. A CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCT. Righello is made to measure, from 50 cm to 10,20,50 metres, there are no limits … ESSENTIAL LINE. Thanks to its minimal design, it fits perfectly to any type of setting, from the most modern to the most historic. CUSTOMISABLE. Righello […]

Led Wars Essenzialed

26/03/2015 - Led Wars! Fun ways to use Led

Alternative lighting systems ;). Led Wars ! This is an example of the flexibility of LED and their various applications.  

27/02/2015 - Essenzialed: now even LED are UL certified

The quality of Essenzialed products is now recognised by the UL marking, the most authoritative in the field of electronic equipment certification: thanks to the very high quality standards that characterise our equipment and our attention to safety, we can now boast this prestigious goal. We remind you that UL is an independent company that […]


30/01/2015 - LED Lighting for Office, Bar, Restaurants…

A new range of LED track lighting for offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. is available as of January 2015. The POWER IN series is ideal for any setting thanks to its simple and modern design. The bigger and more powerful POWER IN XL is perfect for office lighting that, from the base version, assures 520 Lux […]

Led nel cartongesso

29/01/2015 - Plasterboard lighting with LED

Most interior designers have been hiding the light spot lately. One of the most popular and scenic ways is to create LED light effects with plasterboard panels. Lighted rectangles and circles are not a problem, any of your ideas are feasible because we make everything tailor-made. Essenzialed has studied the easy installation of plasterboard systems, […]

01/12/2014 - Light shelves

LED light shelves with frosted glass. The latest news from Essenzialed! Customised SHELF is available up to 2, 5Mt with all kinds of possible light, RGB, warm white, etc. Available from 1/12/2014


Thank you all for visiting us at the salone del mobile in Bergamo.

16/10/2014 - The new website Essenzialed on-line

Images in full-hd, more detail, more products… These are just some of the new features on the new Essenzialed website.