Hair salon LED lighting

Hair salon LED lighting.

Hair salon lighting requires the evaluation of many variants. Often, glare or shadows may be created on the customer’s face to brightly light the cutting area. If normal bulbs are used, this may provide a low colour yield making it difficult to identify colours, true colours!

Essenzialed, thanks to its experience in Store and Retail high colour yield lighting, offers new, never seen before systems to customers who have to light-up their “cuts”. Our proposals are based on the highest colour yield available for LED lighting, high lighting the cutting zone and no kind of shadow and glare on the face of the customer. In addition to lighting, our systems furnish the environments with a unique design and are 100% customisable. All Essenzialed lamps are custom-made and can be customised in light colour grade, lamp colour, intensity, and brightness adjustment.  If you are looking for something modern and unique, visit the light lines page by CLICKING HERE.