High performance chromatic lighting for hairdressers

Led design and technology are perfect for this beautiful ContestaRockHair® salon in the centre of Florence.

Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0 High Performance CRI 90 Typ. 95. High-performance chromatic lighting for hairdressers makes it possible to exactly perceive the actual colours, avoiding that the lights distorts the colours.

ContestaRockHair® is a space without geographic borders, full of expression, a movement animated by a young and cosmopolitan team, a laboratory that realizes new ideas.

Established in 1996 by Alessandro Santopaolo and Massimo Bianco, creators of a revolutionary cutting technique carefully transmitted to the entire staff, CRH is now an international business reality based on a dense network of partners and the creative management of human resources.

Italian brand with a rock soul and distinctive identity, CRH boasts 11 salons spread across 3 continents. Rome, Florence, New York, Miami and Shanghai are the places where the passion for work and the enthusiasm of experimentation are coupled with the promotion of creative initiatives and campaigns of social utility, animated by the attention to others and the environment that has always characterised the brand. Since 2009, CRH has joined the Impact Zero® project. Visit www.contestarockhair.com