Green Expo Point Orio center

The Green EXPO Point was recently inaugurated at Orio Center, a project coordinated by the Arch. Mandarini and by Marchingenio Workshop. It is a project that is not only a place for design experimentation with regard to the potential of the most virtuous companies in the Bergamo area, but also for the promotion and education of the green lifestyle according to the contents of Expo 2015. This showcase is the result of the know-how of the local excellence in different areas such as design, architecture, industry and craftsmanship, and demonstrates how these disciplines can compete to create an environment strongly characterised by natural, emotional and technological materials. In particular, thanks to Essenzialed’s contribution, the structure is modelled by very low consumption multi-colour lights, thanks to the adoption of Led RGB that promise the reproduction and control of a wide range of colours; once again, we confirm our vocation for eco-sustainability, as our products limit consumption with the total lack of hazardous substances while at the same time ensuring a strong, iconic environmental impact. In fact, the new concept of living green. First, we introduced the first pieces of the Maya, lamp, featuring a strong iconic impact.