“If you want to create new things you must let go of what you are used to” – Ad Huijser

Essenzialed Led Lighting designs and produces Led lighting systems from custom design.

Essenzialed is a trademark that boasts thirty years of experience in electronics to create light shapes with the most advanced LED technology and with a special focus on design and customisation.

The use of the latest generation of materials and the constant search for ever more efficient solutions allows us to provide a wide range of products that meet multiple lighting and aesthetic needs.

Essenzialed, thanks to a specialised team, is able to follow the customer step-by-step: from the lighting design project to the supply of custom made products, to installation consultancy, interfacing with architects, designers and system engineers.

Innovative technologies and craftsmanship to create creativity and flexibility with lighting devices suited to any type of environment: Shops, homes, offices and industrial areas.

Essenzialed the creativity that gives birth to new forms of light with emotion and invention.

Focusing on high energy saving oriented design ideas, Essenzialed has developed a production that combines innovative technologies and artisan vocation, available in single pieces or limited edition products. Each project by Essenzialed includes global customer support and constant consulting with lighting designers, architects and interior designers.

Essenzialed provides solutions for every aspect of the light project, from lighting to electronics, from system management to decorative design, to installation by its staff.